Wahet Makkah

The Makkah Oasis project is located in Zaidi and is characterized by ease of movement in directions (Madinah, Taif, Riyadh). Makkah Oasis is an integrated service district consisting of a combination of multi-model buildings and villas of different sizes.

The Mecca Oasis project is an integrated residential city, developed by McKin and McKayon, which is designed to serve the Saudi community in a distinctive architectural style, inspired by Islamic identity, integrated in modernity.

The project is one of the largest urban projects in Saudi Arabia. It includes integrated services (water, electricity, sanitation and communications) for 4,000 residential units ranging from villas, residential apartments, commercial markets, schools, hospitals, restaurants and children's playgrounds. . Makkah Oasis is the fruit of the partnership between the public and private sectors through Makkah Oasis Company, which consists of the Secretariat of the Holy Capital (Al-Balad Al Ameen), Makon Company, Urban Developers, Makin Saudi Arabia and Kasab Finance Company.
With an area of ​​670,000 square meters

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