Bait Makkah 40 – Al Telal Towers
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Bait Makkah 40 – Al Telal Towers

It is 7 km from the Haram.
It is just 5 km from Mina
There are many Commercial centers close to the project site.
The location of the project is on the main hajj road, which makes it easy to reach the Haram and the main outlets

Elegant hotel serviced apartments, combining the magical essence of Makkah’s heritage and the practicality of modern day facilities; such as restaurants, green spaces... While offering spectacular views. 
A harmonious blend of modernity and heritage to offer families a unique residential experience near The Holy Mosque.

- Islamic architectural model suitable for the nature of Mecca.
- It has 7 floors service (restaurants, shops, parking, Prayers, business center, central laundry) as well as entrance to the entire ground floor area.
- It overlooks the Gare Hira and the Clock Tower.
- The project is mediated by a garden overlooking most of the units.

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